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That Time 1,500 People Followed Vehicles of Change

When you set off on the adventure of doing something WAAAY outside your comfort zone you never know what to expect. "Expect the unexpected." sounds trite, until it actually happens to you.

After launching the social media for Vehicles of Change, Claudia and I invited a few close friends to "like" or "follow" us before we figured out our social media campaign. Claudia was in Michigan speaking at the The Power of Future Forum on Workplace Inclusion Conference (she's kind of a big deal,) and I was working on developing a new app for my company,

All of a sudden my phone started vibrating across my desk. Literally non-ending buzzing. I wasn't sure if there was a global crisis or some form of local emergency. When I looked at the screen, there were hundreds of people following Vehicles of Change. Not a few people, a hundred plus each minute.

Vehicles of Change had more than 1,500 Instagram followers in less than an hour!

I texted Claudia to see if she knew the source of our massive following, and was a little scared that one of us had accidentally approved some form of advertising. It turned out that she was as clueless as I was. Neither one of us knew where all of these followers came from!

When you start something new, you look for "signs" that you're not completely crazy. Our random social media uptick was a "sign" for me. A sign that people are looking for inspiration, that they are looking for positive things happening around the world, and a sign that Claudia and I are on to something with our concept of Vehicles of Change.

So, if you're surfing the web and wonder how a concept less than a week old in the world has so many followers... don't be cynical, instead be hopeful that so many random strangers are interested in positive change. We take it as a very good sign for Vehicles of Change and the plight of the world.

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