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  • Vehicles of change

    Vehicles of Change is a show hosted by two change-makers from vastly different industries, interviewing other vehicles of change to understand the mindsets, situations, and motivations that help them change the world.​

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    Are you worried about the state of the world? This is a pivotal time for vehicles of change. By listening to the journey of other game-changers you can find ways to negate anger & hopelessness around you, and find your power to effect positive change.

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    Claudia Koerbler

    International Development Specialist

    Claudia uses her roles at the United Nations, World Bank Group, and Embassy of Austria to inspire millennials to support the eradication of extreme poverty and creating a Zero Hunger Generation by 2030.

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    & Author

    Danielle is the founder of a multi-million dollar tech company, author of Elegant Entrepreneur, & a passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. and around the globe.

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    The Back Story

    How Vehicles of Change Happened

    What makes a vehicle of change? Is it a problem, a passion, a way one is raised? VOC was created to find out the formula for creating change makers.

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    Claudia's Story

    From Austria to the Global Arena

    My career in global policy gives me a macro "big picture" approach to governments creating positive change.

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    Danielle's Story

    Accidental Entrepreneur

    Life as a tech entrepreneur gives me a micro "personal" approach to how individuals can create solutions to problems.

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